Camping with family is the best way to get rid of all the stress of your daily life. Often people go out for camping during summer holidays or just to get some peace of mind from the mad rush of the life. But before going out for camping, you need to have some important things so that you do can have some excellent fun outside the home.
The most important things that you need for going out camping is a TENT. You should have a big tent if you are going out with your family. If you have a large tent, you and your family would be able to spend the night comfortably far away from your home happily, without missing your comfortable bed at home. There are various best family tent brands available in the market. You should choose wisely one for your requirement and according to the size of your family.
Here are some family tents mentioned below-whole house family tent
Saitaris by Helleberg
This famous family tent has room for four people. It has all the features for the comfort of the household. It is made of kerlon 1800 texture. It has got good quality zippers. The floor inside the tent is also made of good fabric. It is an arcade-shaped tent, which is weather resistance tent that protects you in both summer and winter season. Apart from that, it is also got two doors and large windows to let in enough life. This tent is perfect if you have family members of four people.

Frontier 6 by Kelty
This family tent has the capacity of 6 people. The are that this tent cover is 100 of feet. It is weather proof and especially good for summer and spring season. It has got big windows as a good light source. It has also got zippers that are noiseless. These tents are free standing and can be easily set up by one person single handily.
The only disadvantage it has is that it is heavy. But, quite suitable for family members of 6 persons.

Flying Diamond six by Big Agnes
This tent is quite a standard tent. It has space for six people. This tent is made of a waterproof material of polyurethane coating. It has got large windows with vents so that you can open and close the window according to your convenience and protection from rain. It has got two doors and a privacy divider. So, you can keep your kids on one side and use the other door yourself.

Yurtini by Mountain Hardwear
This tent is specially designed for your large family. It has the capacity of 7 or more members. The height of the tent is 95″ inch. This is the biggest and also the lightest weight tent. It has got an arbitrary floor. It has also got three large doors. The height of the tent is good and enables you to stand openly inside the tent. It has got big rooms and is very comfortable for a big family of more than seven members.
So, these are some of the most famous tents specially designed for the family. All these are the standard quality tent that you can choose according to numbers of people in the family.